Thursday, March 31, 2016

I LEARN FRUITS: New children's book officially released!

On this beautiful sunny day, I am excited and proud to tell you about the release of our new children's book titled 'I Learn Fruits'.

educational book about fruit names

'I Learn Fruits' is now available on Amazon Kindle
Print-on-demand version is coming soon.

After publishing 'Der Kleine Fuchs' (a children's book about sharing and making friends), my wife, Julie, and I wanted to work on something more educational - a non-fiction book that would help us to explain basic concepts to our children. And since eating healthy is one of the priorities in our lifestyles, we decided that a book on fruits would be perfect to start with.

While I was working on other projects, Julie took care of polishing up the concept. Once she was ready, it was my turn to create illustrations.

line art food illustration children's book illustration

In most cases, I prefer black and white aesthetics with one or two accent colors. 

This time, though, the plan was to create a fun and engaging picture book, with big letters and a wide variety of delicious-looking, mouth-watering fruits. It was an exciting opportunity to go wild with colors, and I really couldn't wait till I got to coloring the drawings. 

I believe these few final illustrations can give you an idea of how much fun I had with it:

dragon fruit illustration for a children's book

children's book illustration of papaya

strawberry drawing for children's book

star fruit drawing

Usually, similar picture books for children are limited to 10-15 illustrations of common fruits like an apple, a pear and a banana. We, however, decided to go further and include more exotic ones as well, like a lychee and a persimmon.

This is how 'I Learn Fruits' got 33 kinds of fruits in total:

- banana,   
- cherry,
- strawberry,
- pineapple,
- pomegranate,
- blueberry,
- pear,
- apple,
- watermelon,
- peach,
- kiwi, 
- raspberry,
- orange, 
- lemon, 
- blackcurrant,
- avocado,
- grapefruit,
- melon,
- mandarin,
- fig,
- starfruit,
- grape,
- cranberry,
- persimmon,
- papaya,
- lychee,
- gooseberry,
- plum,
- passion fruit,
- mango,
- dragon fruit,
- coconut,
- blackberry.

In addition, we decided to end the book with a little quiz, which we called 'Name The Fruit'. This simple memory test will help a child to see if he or she can remember all the fruit names.

By the way, the pictures in 'Name the Fruit' are in the very same order as the pictures in the book, so it's easier for the little learner to have a quick look for the right answer.

Julie and I deeply enjoyed working on this book. Not only because every opportunity to work on something together is always a blessing, but we've also learnt quite a few interesting facts about fruits.

'I Learn Fruits' was a true labor of love, and we really hope our book will find a warm place in your home library.

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