Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Mean Cookie: A Story of a Fed-Up Fortune Cookie Factory Employee (Part I)

fortune cookie gone bad

Feel happyLuckyBlessed? You had a great year or even won a million in a lottery?

The higher you fly, the harder you fall. Don't let life bring you down!

The MEAN COOKIE is your daily vaccine of ugly truth to keep your feet on the ground.

It all started at a Chinese restaurant...

My wife and I were having a good time over a dinner. Two fortune cookies were lying on the table, patiently waiting their turn. 

When we finally got to the cookies, we started guessing what was inside. It wasn't long until our dark senses of humour brought up ideas of a cookie factory employee who'd got fed up with his job and started typing whatever insults had come to his mind. 

As you might guess, what we actually found in our cookies was quite far from what we had hoped for. 

That evening, chilling on a couch and watching a movie, I took my Micron pen and a pad to doodle some. The ideas of the misfortune cookies got stuck in my head for good. 

So I drew one. 
You Suck message in a fortune cookie
While dotting the shadows of the 'You Suck' cookie, a few dozens of other 'fed-up-factory-employee' messages came to my mind. But unnoticeably soon this simple little piece was done, and I was still hungry for more...

"Why not draw a short series?" I thought to myself. 

And I did.
I'm not mad I'm just disappointed fortune cookie artwork
 fortune cookie pen drawing
 fortune cookie illustration
 fortune cookie drawing
 Illustration of a fortune cookie
 We need to talk drawing
 I shit you not misfortune cookie

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