Monday, April 4, 2016

Ich lerne Obst - bilingual children's book in German and English

About a week ago, Julie and I launched our new children's book titled ''I Learn Fruits''

Crafted with love and attention to detail, this colorful picture book with hand-drawn illustrations is meant to help you to introduce your child to an amazing world of delicious fruits from around the world, and a healthy diet and lifestyle in general.

Naturally, we would like our books to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, and not limit our reach to English-speaking parents only. And being multilingual ourselves, we wanted to make ''I Learn Fruits'' available in other languages, just like we did with our previous title, ''Der Kleine Fuchs'', a cute story about sharing and making friends. 

However, instead of simply translating it, we decided to turn ''I Learn Fruits'' into a bilingual book in German and English.This is how - as we believe - a lot more people will benefit from it: not only German-speaking parents, who would like their child to learn English, but also English-speakers, who want to raise a bilingual child. 

And so, ''Ich lerne Obst'' was born and is now available via all main e-book distributors.

Ich Lerne Obst cover art bilingual children's book fruits

The content of the book hasn't changed from the original English version. ''Ich lerne Obst'' has colorful illustrated pages with 33 kinds of fruit and a quiz to see if your child can remember all the fruit names from the book.

drawing for bilingual children's book

pineapple drawing picture book about fruits

strawberry illustration bilderbuch kinder
drawing of a mandarin, papaya, persimmon, gooseberry and lychee
We hope both you and your child are going to enjoy our book. Feel free to drop us a line to say 'Hi' and to share you thoughts.

children's book cover artbilderbuch available on amazon poster

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